The Society of Friends of the National Gallery in Prague

The Society of Friends of the National Gallery in Prague (SPNG) was established on August 24, 1992 as an independent organization registered with the Interior Ministry (Identification No: 47607068). It was established without any state subsidies in the spirit of one of the first societies of its kind, the Society of Patriotic Friends of Arts, which was founded in 1796. It was this Society that established the first public picture gallery in Prague. SPNG membership has grown rapidly, and it has some 200 active foreign “friends”. It joined the World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM) in 1998 as a new means of expressing its international involvement. The SPNG is the first and only member of the WFFM from a post-Communist country, and was appointed as an organizer of this international organization’s committee meeting held in Prague in 2000.

SPNG members enjoy free admission to permanent and temporary National Gallery exhibitions and lectures, expert guided tours of selected exhibitions and other activities about which members are informed in a biannual newsletter. The SPNG’s regular members are invited to attend an annual membership meeting, where they are acquainted with how the Society is managed and budgeted and its planned activities for the forthcoming period.

The Society of Friends of the National Gallery in Prague (Společnost přátel Národní galerie v Praze)
Hradčanské nám. 15
118 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 233 090 556-7

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