GENEROSITY. THE ART OF GIVING. Book of Conversations
GENEROSITY. THE ART OF GIVING. Book of Conversations
Adam Budak, Michaela Pejčochová (eds.)
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The publication accompanying the exhibition “Generosity. The Art of Giving”, which reflected the 220th anniversary of establishing the predecessor of the National Gallery in Prague, the Society of Patriotic Friends of the Arts, presents interviews with the eyewitnesses about the post-1945 history of the National Gallery. During several decades, its institutional identity was actively shaped by both its former general directors (Jiří Kotalík, Milan Knížák) and the former heads of the individual collections (Jiří Šetlík, Jiří Ševčík, Tomáš Vlček) as well as artists (Stanislav Kolíbal) and its current Director General, Jiří Fajt. The interviews follow the essential moments of the National Gallery’s post-war developments and discuss the visions which influenced its operation in the past and are prepared to form it in the future.

Czech-English version, 128 pages, 30 reproductions

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