Klemm & Thiemann: Modern Woodblock in Prague, 1905–1908
Klemm & Thiemann: Modern Woodblock in Prague, 1905–1908
Eva Bendová (ed.)
450 CZK
Remaining pieces: 300

The Czech Germans Walter Klemm and Carl Thiemann created much of their art in Germany, where they had a fundamental influence on the local art scene. They began their careers in Prague, however, where they had a studio in the Liboc quarter in 1905–1908. The experiments they undertook in the colour woodblock technique yielded unique artistic results. The book presents distinctly coloured prints inspired by Gauguin’s work, Japanese woodblock prints and early German expressionism as well as paintings and various international influences. The book largely consists of 154 colour woodblock prints selected from a jointly produced album for book lovers published by the German Academy in 1908.

In Czech and German, 176 pages, 234 reproductions

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