Jaromír Neumann, Petr Brandl
Jaromír Neumann, Petr Brandl
ed. Andrea Steckerová
850 CZK
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The first monograph devoted to the most outstanding Baroque painter in Bohemia, Petr Brandl (1668–1735), is divided to two sections. The first one contains an essay about the publication’s author, Jaromír Neumann (1924–2001), and twelve studies that map out the life of Petr Brandl and his oeuvre, the latter conceived in chronological order. The author at the same time pursues several partial issues – the technique of Brandl’s painting, his relation to the art of sculpture as such and the painter’s contemporaries (J. K. Liška, M. V. Halbax), followers and students. The second volume encompasses an extensive catalogue of works by Brandl, listing not only the paintings and drawings attributed to the artist but also works attributed to him mistakenly by Neumann. The catalogue also comprises today missing or lost works. The publication is accompanied by an immensely rich photographic material.

In Czech, 927 pages (2 volumes), 715 reproductions, ISBN: 978-80-7035-631-9

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