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from 17.10. is open a new long-term exhibition The 19th-Century Art from Neo-Classicism to Romanticism.

The Salm Palace (also called Small Schwarzenberg Palace), located on the Hradschin Square, is a neo-classicist, three-wing building of palace type with honorary courtyard. It was commissioned by the Prague Archbishop Wilhelm Florentan, Duke Sal-Salm, and was realized between 1800 and 1811 after the design of Fratišek Pávíček (Franz Pawitschek) on the site which previously housed several minor aristocratic seats. It was originally planned as a luxurious residential house, owned from 1811 by the Schwarzenberg family who connected it with the adjoining Schwarzenberg Palace. The modern history of the palace resulted in its gradual devastation until it was taken over by the National Gallery in Prague in 2014. The Gallery subsequently reconstructed the building and adapted it to its own exhibition purposes, thus following up with the reconstruction of the neighbouring Schwarzenberg Palace. An international architectonic competition helped facilitate the courtyard between the two palaces with a new entrance object which today simultaneously serves as the Information Centre of the National Gallery in Prague. The reconstruction was crowned by the 2011 approval of the premises to be regularly occupied and used.

New long-term exhibition in the Salm Palace
The 19th-Century Art from Neo-Classicism to Romanticism

New long-term exhibition presenting a refined selection of paintings and sculptures dating to the first two thirds of the 19th significant core of the collection held by the National Gallery in Prague, accompanied by some loaned works the importance of which is irreplaceable given the development of the -century art. The unique collection, installed chronologically and divided into sections 19th according to styles, subjects and artists, will also include Austrian and German art. Visitors can look forward crucial works by the leading artists of the period − František Tkadlík, Antonín Machek, Josef Navrátil and August Piepenhagen, and an exclusive convolute of works by the painting dynasty of the Mánes family (especially those by Josef Mánes).

The examples of the school of landscape painting headed by Maximilian Haushoferʼs at the Prague Academy will be, for example, the canvases by Adolf Kosárek and Bedřich Havránek, while the works by the students of the Christian Rubenʼs school of historical painting will guide visitors through both the history of the Czech lands and Europe. The brilliant paintings by Caspar David Friedrich, Johann Christian C. Dahl, Carl Spitzweg, Christian Morgenstern, Carl Rottmann, Friedrich Amerling, Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller and others will stand in for Austrian and German art and will serve to document the relations in the fields of fine arts and culture in the Central-European cultural space. The long-term exhibition will moreover display a wide selection of works by leading Czech sculptors, among them Václav Prachner, Václav Levý and brothers Josef and Emanuel Maxes. It will not only outline the development of Czech sculpture but also the process of adopting international influences and their specific transcription.

The ground floor of the Salm Palace has been reserved to short-term exhibition projects. The 2014 short-term exhibitions. The spaces also offer a study depository where visitors can, in the framework of special programmes organized by the National Galleryʼs Department of Education, closely inspect works of art installed on nets – in the same way as they are held in the Galleryʼs central depositories which are, however, inaccessible to public due to safety and restoration reasons.

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Hradčanské náměstí 2, Prague 1

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