Silesia – Pearl in the Crown of Bohemia

Date: 17.11.2006 - 09.04.2007

Curators: doc. Vít Vlnas, Mgr. Jan Klípa, Mgr. Lenka Stolárová

Not too many historical Central-European countries can pride themselves on having as rich a cultural tradition and as much artistic wealth as Silesia. The aim of the exhibition “Silesia – Pearl in the Crown of Bohemia” – prepared in mutual cooperation of the National Gallery in Prague with Museum miedzi in Legnica and Wroclaw University – is to remind the public of the significant role that Silesian-Bohemian relations played in the development of fine arts in the high Middle-Ages and the early Modern Era. At the exhibition’s core will be some exquisite examples of painting, sculpture and arts and crafts, many of them exhibited for the first time ever.

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Program of following 7 days