ITCA 2008 - International Triennale of Contemporary Art 2008

Date: 03.06.2008 - 14.09.2008


President of ITCA: Milan Knížák
Curator-in-chief: Tomáš Vlček

The International Triennale of Contemporary Art is held under the auspices of Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, and Pavel Bém, Lord Mayor of the Capital City of Prague.


By organizing ITCA 2008 the National Gallery in Prague refers to the International Biennale of Contemporary Art – IBCA 2005 and the First Prague Biennale 2003.

Hundreds of works, mainly by European contemporary artists working in the field of fine arts, music, theatre, video, film, literature, photography and architecture, are presented in the representative building of Veletržní Palace on the area of approximately 9000 sqm.     

ITCA – International Triennale of Contemporary Art organized by the National Gallery in Prague is an extensive international project oriented on those artistic tendencies that stay aside the mainstream of contemporary fine arts.

Curators and projects:

1/ Elita Ansone / Latvia -Paradoxes of Time

2/ Daniele Balit / Italy, France - Heavier Than Air 

3/ Pascal Beausse / France - The Clearing

4/ Vladimír Beskid / Slovakia - The Present Picture – The Picture of the Present?

5/ Katerina Bruch / Peru, Germany - Hybrid Identities in Urban Landscapes

6/ Boris Danailov, Tzvetomira Tocheva / Bulgaria - Re-Reading the Future

7/ Natalie Hénon & Jean-François Rettig / France - Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid

8/ Henry Meyric Hughes / UK - Fog  

9/ Pilvi Kalhama / Finland - Transgressing Mind 

10/ Milan Knížák / Czech Republic - In the Global Gutter

11/ Olga Marcinkiewicz / Poland - Art of the Future  

12/ Yukihiro Masuda / Japan - Ticky–Tacky Images of the World 

13/ Hiroshi Minamishima / Japan - Cool Frames for Re-Reading the Future

14/ Carlos Cabral Nunes / Portugal - O.U.T. – the underground 

15/ Lenka Sedláčková / Czech Republic - Beyond the Photograph: Nature, Universe, Time

16/ Danna Taggar / Israel - Future Perfect 

17/ Tomáš Vlček / Czech Republic - Somewhere between Re-Reading and Recycling the Future

18/ Oliver Zybok / Germany - The Aesthetics of Resemblances

The project MOBILITY

Part of the ITCA 2008 projects includes satellite exhibitions organized by alternative centres and premises of partner institutions – Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki (Finland), Perve Galeria, Lisbon (Portugal), Turlej Gallery, Krakow (Poland) and National Art Gallery, Sofia (Bulgaria).

The project is co-financed by European Commission from the Community Programme CULTURE 2007.

Curators and projects:
Curator-in-chief: Tomáš Vlček

1/ Bulgaria / Boris Ognianov Danailov / Inside Mobility 
2/ Portugal / Carlos Cabral Nunes / Re-Reading the Future – A Thought
3/ Poland / Olga Marcinkiewicz / The War Is Over
4/ Finland / Pilvi Kalhama / History Remains Open. On Contemporary Avant-Gardes.
5/ Czech Republic / Tomáš Vlček / The Theme of Mobility in the Works of Four Czech Artists

The purpose of the exhibition titled Movement as a Message is to present once again kinetic art to audiences and to introduce it to new generations of art enthusiasts. This programmatic art stood at the very beginning of other avant-garde movements, such as Pop Art, Op Art and conceptual art. The foremost interest of the exhibition is to highlight the international character of kinetic art, one of those few avant-garde arts that have never shown any features of provincialism.  

Curators: Giovanna Barbero, Giovanni Granzotto, Olga Uhrová, Jiří Valoch, Tomáš Vlček

Historical Section
Getulio ALVIANI, Giovanni ANCESCHI, Alberto BIASI, Davide BORIANI, Ennio CHIGGIO, Gianni COLOMBO, Toni COSTA, Hugo DEMARCO, Gabriele DEVECCHI, Horacio GARCIA ROSSI, Edoardo LANDI, Julio LE PARC, Enzo MARI, Manfredo MASSIRONI, François MORELLET, Bruno MUNARI, Francisco SOBRINO, Joel STEIN, Grazia VARISCO, Jean Pierre YVARAL
Czech and Slovak Artists
Milan DOBEŠ, Stanislav ZIPPE, Hugo DEMARTINI, Radoslav KRATINA, Viktor HULIK
Kinetic Art – Italian Artists – The Present
Alberto BIASI, Franco COSTALONGA, Ferruccio GARD, Edoardo LANDI, Ben ORMENESE, Claudio ROTTA LORIA,  Jorrit TORNQUIST

Permanent exhibitions

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