Katharina Grosse

till 6. January 2019
Trade Fair Palace
Maria Lassnig 1919–2014

till June 17, 2018
Trade Fair Palace
Koudelka: De-creazione

till 23. September 2018
Trade Fair Palace
For the Eyes to Admire.
For the Eyes to Admire. Decorative Techniques in Medieval Painting and Sculpture, 14th – 16th Centuries

till 20. May 2018
Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia
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Opening of the Hynek Martinec: Voyage to Iceland exhibition

The National Gallery in Prague and Galerie Rudolfinum have the pleasure of inviting you to the opening ceremony of the exhibition Hynek Martinec: Voyage to Iceland.

Exhibition Mat Collishaw. Standing Water

We invite you to the exhibition Mat Collishaw.Standing Water, which takes place in the Galerie Rudolfinum and runs until 8 July. Within the exhibition we have in our Sternberg Palace also exhibited one work.

Revitalization of the permanent exhibitions

In this jubilee year 2018, we are preparing to revitalize and modify our permanent exhibitions. Parts of them will be closed in the course of this year and newly conceived ones will be opened by the end of this year or in the years to come.

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